Criaturas Marinhas, Kosuta

  • Location: Largo Carlos França

This audiovisual installation (a projection with 20mx2m) intends to draw attention to the behaviours of humans in relation to marine ecosystems. Life is swallowed by plastic waste from an existential condition ecologically selfish and predatory. This idyllic world is devoid of animal life. In its place, inhabit thousands of different plastic waste (bags, bottles, corks, glasses, cotton buds, wires, packages and fishing nets, etc.), which are being slowly taken by the tide. Sometimes, these objects become animated and cluster in shape of sea creatures, such as the who once swam gracefully through the water - dolphins, whales, fish, sea horses, turtles, jellyfish...


About Kosuta (Sérgio Costa)

Sérgio Costa is a new media designer that loves to create, with his swiss army of skills in several areas. His passion comes from the need to communicate with other through the power of visual communication. From graphic design to visual programming, he loves it all. Right now, he develops motion design, visual effects, and 3D for the portuguese fiction TV and in his spare time he dedicates himself to photography and illustration.

Kosuta (Sérgio Costa)

“Sea Creatures” installation was developed with the helping hand of:

Sónia Mendes
Paulo Poças
Paulo Neves
Marco Bernardo
Paulo Neves
Marco Bernardo