Heartbeat, Alfred Kurz

  • Location: Museu Ferreira de Castro

The video projection "Heartbeat" is displayed at the chimney of the Ferreira de Castro Museum. The unique shape of this chimney allows for a perfect circular projection. At the romantic path that leads us to Quinta da Regaleira, this historical building houses the memory of one of the greatest Portuguese writers connected with the town of Sintra. The syncope of the visitor steps tunes up with the beats of the heart rate, accompanying us on this path of discovery and adventure always marked by a trance of love for the mountain, the landscape, the interaction between the ever-pulsating lights and shadows, and the love stories too. 

alfred kurz - cópia

About Alfred Kurz

Alfred Kurz was born in 1972 in Landshut in Bavaria, Germany. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Munich under the direction of Prof. Nikolaus Gerhart. He also attended the School of Arts of Granada, Spain. He exhibits regularly in galleries and public spaces since 1999, namely in Munich, Murnau, Vilnius, Granada, Dresden, Mérida / Mexico