Créditos fotográficos: Hugo Grilo

LUMINESCENT FOREST  (Lighting installation)

  • Place: Quinta da Regaleira (Patamar dos Deuses and Lago do Labirinto)

This installation consists of creating a nocturnal light atmosphere in the complex and mythical geometry of Quinta da Regaleira's garden. Seventy luminescent sculptural objects are arranged in an apparently random way between the Garden of Patamar dos Deuses and the Lake of Gruta do Labirinto. As soon as the sun sets, they wake up from deep sleep and vibrate, first in disorder, then in a spiral or solitary glow.


About Circus Lumineszenz:

Circus Lumineszenz is an artistic & educational project based in Austria where, through the use of light & creative technology, we develop multimedia environments, installations, performances and objects where the audience is invited not only to contemplate and enjoy but in most cases, to actively participate as creators of the experience as well.

About Leo Bettinelli:

He began his musical studies at the 'Musical Composition with Electro-acoustic Media' course at Quilmes National University. During this time he became involved with audiovisual media mainly through theatre and then working on different multimedia projects, such as shorts, installations, dance, advertising, etc. In parallel, he developed his activity as a sound technician, whether it be live, in the studio, carrying out jobs involving music production, recording, mixing and sound post-production. At present, he is also a performer/improviser/composer in the field of experimental, contemporary and electro-acoustic music, as well as in several popular music projects where he incorporates elements of the aforementioned currents. Since 2006 he works actively on the diffusion of experimental music and free improvisation, organising different music cycles in Argentina and Europe. Nowadays he directs the European branch of Ninos Consentidos Festival. In 2012, he started a new exploration in the fields of multimedia & interactive art and founded in Austria the project Circus Lumineszenz. In 2018 the first edition of the Light Festival "Blockheide Leuchtet" was celebrated under his direction and execution.