Nasci, nasci, Error-43

  • Location: Quinta da Regaleira (Patamar dos Deuses)

A large-scale biomimetic sculpture of the artistic collective Error-43, concludes Aura’s path at Quinta da Regaleira. As nature serves as inspiration to finding solutions and hope for the future. If, for many humans, nature means "green" — even if this "green" is formed of plastic — this artwork explores what would happen if we were to place a new cybernetic organism in nature, and how could one system benefit the other, in a perfect symbiosis. Inspired by the idea of a future liquid nature (being able to use the energy from photosynthesis to create electricity and connect the machines that keep us alive ...), Error43’s collective proposes the creation of three robotic creatures that will be activated with the movement of shiny water. The installation (tanks, tubes and creatures) will be displayed around the garden areas at the Patamar dos Deuses, and driven by the interaction between the different stimuli (such as wind or light effects on the trees’ leaves). The end result will be a dynamic system, always in motion, which seeks to adapt to the scenario where it was created.

Nasci Nasci or how Lilith’s demands Paradise dropping new creatures on it. Organisms that resemble life and death, new technological creatures that mimic nature, that live thanks to it, and die because of it. Prosthesis in between nature and humans that enable a dialog, not a burden anymore. Small prototypes that embrace bodies, not just containers. Do we still have time to repair all the broken loops?
When Nasci Nasci means born in Nature and evokes a new relation in between us, exploring what it would happen if we put a new technological organism inside nature, and how one system could benefit the other, as a perfect symbiosis. A system inspired by natural processes, bacterial skin and skeleton-like design that performs movement with the minimum energy.
The project proposes the creation of three soft robotic creatures that will be activated with the circulation of energy. The system (deposits, tubes and creatures) will be displayed around the space, and interact in between the plants, present on it, and the visitors, suggesting a new upcoming future where we live in constant dialog with our environment.

ERROR-43 face

About Error43

ERROR-43 is a group of architects that mainly work with technology in an abstract way. By abstract we mean that we produce a work that is dedicated to imagining and creating paths for the future and to fulfill this purpose we work with the digital and the analog. Our work meditates on our own vision, between what we believe and what we want to happen, using artistic means to represent it.

ERROR-43 is a collective experience, where an initial concept was interpreted by several people facing the same problem. From this discussion emerged several projects, of different dimensions, that allowed us to create a dynamic as a group. The idea was for individuals with different interests and abilities to come together in a space to work on the same premise, the body, and their perception amplified by technology.