O nosso mundo chegou ao fim? by Oskar&Gaspar

  • Location: Palácio Nacional de Sintra

In a magical and unreal setting, the digital experience provided to the public is based on an artistic vision of the unstable balance of the vital systems that support biodiversity on the planet. 

"Has our world come to an end?"- is this the phrase repeatedly displayed in an endless stream of dystopian information marked by pop-culture and showing Apocalypses, planetary collisions, and large-scale natural disasters. This statement also found an echo in what the geologists call the Anthropocene era – in which the Earth's natural systems began to be driven by human activities. This is also the era in which the weather phenomena, the polar melt, forest fires, or global warming reach extremes of unprecedented destruction in recent history. We are now living the sixth mass extinction. We are thus faced with the irreversible breakdown of the natural processes of environmental self-regulation, in which life loses dramatically the ability to ensure the dynamics of our continuity. From the optimistic premise that we need alternative visions for the future, we visit subjective imagery, floating and unstable images of the visionary art of OSKAR & GASPAR through video mappings that enable to rescue hope.



Oskar & Gaspar are twin brothers. They dress the same and, sometimes, impersonate each other. They are shy and don't like to show their faces. They cultivate anonymity and desire, above all, to see their work recognized. Born in Portugal, they grew up in Singapore, where they had the first contact with the Visual Arts. From an early age, they were fascinated by video and multimedia. Having started to develop the art of vjing, here they explored creativity and were very successful. Hence, from video to video mapping was just a small leap.