RAINBOW, Torsten Muhlbach

  • Location: Miradouro dos Castanheiros, Volta do Duche

Contrasting with the dark of night, Torsten Muhlbach literally produces a tangible rainbow at the Jardim dos Castanheiros. Invoking a language adjacent to pop-art, “Rainbow” is an installation that plays with the natural light phenomenon of the rainbow. During rainfall and given the right conditions, we can sometimes discern a rainbow across the sky, a phenomenon caused by the interplay between water and sunlight. The natural light is split up into its colours and we can see them appearing as an arc in the sky. 

In the work of Torsten Mühlbach, the rainbow is made artificially with sprayed and atomized water and a strong, single source of white light in the right location. If the visitor is correctly positioned, with the light source on his back, he will be able to see the light divided up into its colours and a rainbow suddenly appears at night.

torsten-muehlbach - cópia


Torsten Mühlbach was born in 1974 in Germany. He studied sculpture and exhibits regularly since 2009. He also uses video, photography and collage techniques, escaping a strict categorization of his work. The artist defines himself as a creator of large-format images.