Créditos fotográficos: Hugo Grilo


  • Place: Garden of the Municipal Library of Sintra/Casa Mantero

The moon spreads its reflected sunlight in a modest subdued way. Things become obscure, details vanish. Darkness is lurking. Shadows growing. The moon evokes emotions of romance, melancholy, solitude. The moon makes us dream. A refugee is a person dreaming of a better life, a better place far away from home. The refugee dreams of an almost unattainable place.

The Solunar is a scientific instrument that captures the image of your shadow side. It is your invisible side, dark, elusive, and not valued. Your moonlight side.

The Solunar captures a hidden world filled with emotions, expectations and contemplations. The Solunar records these vibrations in an image. The refugee is placed before the Solunar. The Solunar captures the moon side of this person in an image. It is an encounter in which time is charged with the invisible. A lunar portrait is the result.

This project aims to make people aware of the universal fact of human solidarity, friendship and survival. Every testimony from someone who has experienced this hard story creates awareness and sympathy. Every encounter brings us more together instead of removal.


Het Pakt is a collective of artists friends who mainly perform multimedia installations and projects at festivals. Het Pakt works together with all types of population groups. The search for identity and solitude are the main themes.