Weatherfall, Grandpa´s Lab

  • Location: Igreja de São Martinho With the support of Ourivesaria Arneiro.

Weatherfall is an interactive project where the viewer is the main protagonist. Through the manipulation of digital content, he will be one of the factors that define the dynamics of the work and its rhythms. In a shared experience between visitors, the players will be surprised by your inclusive experience while also acting as leading actors of this tableau. The relationship of the communities with water and the ontology of the liquid medium refers to the contamination, mixture, and fusion of materials and the permanent recording of memories. The water is a material that has the ability to connect the world’s experience with a deep sense of transformation and change. From art to technology and science, from the ecological problems to an awareness of the earth’s community, with no distinction between human and non-human, water is the very principle of life – a vital need, between its exploitation as a basic environmental resource, or a fluid metaphor of death and transformation. We realize, thus that there is an urgent need to take care of the water sources, water lines and courses; It's urgent to preserve the vital resources, essential to life on the planet.


About Grandpa´s Lab

Grandpa's Lab work sits on the edge of both digital and physical universes.