Créditos fotográficos: Hugo Grilo


Premiere of the documentary produced by Criaatividade Cósmica for the 4th edition of Aura Festival. 

Fascinated by the end of the known and familiar world, or by secrets hidden in the underground, a crowd approaches Sintra. The tracks of their experiences flood on a destiny about to collapse and lay a dilemma: Continue to manage the delay of the inevitable or penetrate the Mountain? Whoever believes in her mystery will find in the new what is very ancient, forgotten paths, the escape of the eternal return.

Projections / events / Film festivals

  • MU.SA - Museu das Artes de Sintra / Julho 2018
  • Aura festival (Sintra) / Agosto 2018
  • SMUP (Parede) / Dezembro 2018
  • Espaço Sirigaita / Janeiro 2019



Left Hand Rotation is an art collective active since 2005 that develops projects articulating intervention, appropriation, registration and video editing. In each their actions there is a strong awareness of the importance of audiovisual recording, both for the value of raw images and for the potential of each video clip to be converted into units of language whose combination and manipulation enables the transmission of complex messages from daily routine details. The camera can only record the specific context in which it is located. And it is through the recording on the spot that the collective reflects on a complex global system.