AURAFoto 2019

Welcome to AURAFoto 2019!

Since AURA is a festival dedicated to the Art of Light, we want to take advantage of photography as a technology that allows us to "draw with light": photo (light) + graphé (writing). Get inspired by our artistic proposals, the light atmospheres, and the cultural landscape to capture the Art of Light in the village of Sintra.

Between 1 and 4 August share your best images with us here.

The winning photo will be published in the print and digital versions of the magazine BICA, as well as in national and international sites specialized in artistic photography and the festival's social media.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: participation in the contest implies the acceptance of the rules and regulations (below).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: participation in the contest implies the acceptance of the rules and regulations (below).

Tamanho mínimo da fotografía: 1150x750 pixels
Arquivos permitidos: JPG, TIFF, PNG, ZIP, PDF
Tamanho máximo do arquivo: 5MB


1. Organiser
The Criaatividade Cósmica, based in the town of Sintra, is the organiser of the AURA Festival and AURAFoto, between 1 and 4 August 2019

2. Participation requirements
Any person of legal age can participate in the contest. The organiser's and its partner's employees are not allowed to participate.

3. Start and end dates of the contest
The contest will take place simultaneously with the 5th Edition of the Festival Aura. All photographs uploaded here between 1 and 5 August 2019 will be considered.

4. Dynamics of the contest
Participation is made through uploading the images (up to a maximum 3 photos per participant) at: Each photo must match a form with the requested data. After the photograph is submitted, the owner is considered as a participant, accepting, for all purposes, this regulation.

5. Restrictions
We will exclude from the contest any pictures that are contrary to the law. In particular, images of discriminatory content, offensive, pornographic, racist, xenophobic and homophobic, and in violation of the intellectual or industrial property of third parties or that, according to the Cosmic Criaatividade, are not suitable for publication, will not be accepted. If the image contains identifiable people, the image rights are the full responsibility of the owner of the photo.

6. Jury and selection of winners
After the participation period, the jury will select the winner until 30 August 2019.
The jurors are:
— Agata Ramalho (Photographer)
— Ana Teresa Vicente (Aura Festival/Criaatividade Cósmica)
— Hugo Grilo (Official Photographer of Aura 2018)
— João Pedro Rodrigues (Official Photographer of Aura 2019)
— José Sanches Ramos (University professor)
— Susana Paiva (Photographer)

Selection criteria:
Originality and creativity;
The relationship with the town of Sintra and the theme of Aura's 5th Edition;
The relationship between the art installations and the public;
The quality of the image.
The selection of the winner will be according to the discretion of the jury. The Criaatividade Cósmica will contact the winner via e-mail.

7. Prize
The winning photo will be published in the printed version of the magazine BICA, in national and international sites specialised in art photography, as well as in the festival's social media accounts.

8. Publication of the identity of the winner
The result will be published on the festival's website on 12 September 2019. The winner accepts his name and photograph to be disclosed through the media that the Criaatividade Cósmica considers opportune.

9. Processing of personal data
The personal data that the Criaatividade Cósmica receives from participants will be included in an automated file of our property and treated in accordance with the current legislation on protection of personal data. The participants yield the rights of images, however, safeguarding the use of images for disclosure by the Criaatividade Cósmica. That disclosure shall include, wherever possible, the author's name and image.